• Pianist ~ Accompanist •

pianist, recitalist, soloist and orchestral keyboard player


'Peter Adcock is a brilliant musician and a fine pianist . . . with splendid flair . . . He has both the intellect and the intelligence to enable him to interpret with real understanding and enthusiasm the music he performs; this understanding he communicates to the other musicians with whom he works, and in liberal doses to his audiences . . .'

Peter has learnt and performed a broad repertoire of solo, chamber and concerto music from Renaissance to Contemporary music, via Baroque, Classical and Romantic-period popular classics and hidden gems. As well as solo and chamber recitals, he has performed several piano concertos by Mozart and Beethoven. He also gives lecture recitals and masterclasses. In 2009, he recorded a C.D. of his favourite piano pieces by Bach, Beethoven, Liszt and Debussy, entitled 'Piano Perambulations', and has plans to record Bach's inspirational milestone on the piano, Goldberg Variations.



accompanist and répétiteur


'Peter James Adcock is an outstanding thinking musician who has made a substantial impact upon the cultural life of the South-West of England . . . he excels as a skilled and versatile keyboard player with a particular flair for accompanying.'

Peter performs internationally with instrumentalists including Crispian Steele-Perkins, Katy Woolley, and David Elton; singers including international opera stars; choirs including the English Mozart Singers and Exeter Festival Chorus; and with directors from Sir David Willcocks to Nigel Perrin. He regularly works with students and professionals in lessons, rehearsals, exams, festivals, concerts, and recordings.

'. . . he transfixed audience and performers alike . . .'



• Director ~ Arranger •

choral animateur and director of chamber choir ExeVox

music director

Peter has worked with numerous choirs from vocal technique to detailed interpretation, expression, and performance conventions of a wealth of choral repertoire: from a-cappella to accompanied; from sacred to secular; from Renaissance to Modern; from English and Latin to French and Russian; from familiar favourites to fresh finds. He directs Exeter-based chamber choir, ExeVox, in regular performances:  ExeVox



music arranger for any occasion

music arranger

      Peter's bespoke tailor-made     arrangements of music from solos to chamber groups; from orchestral to choral scores; for any event and occasion,  have been played by amateurs and professionals, young and old, across the globe: from home to concert hall;       from opera pit to television studio.

    He uses the latest Dorico and Sibelius notation software on Apple hardware. 

Commissions considered.




Musical Background

Peter Adcock
M.A. (Oxon), A.R.C.O.

Peter won an organ scholarship to read music at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University, where he was awarded a further academic music scholarship.

A pianist, flautist, and organist, he reached the regional piano finals of the B.B.C. Young Musician of the Year competition at the age of 14; gained his A.R.C.O. organ diploma before going up to Oxford; and a gold award for his flute playing from the Royal Schools of Music.

Peter regularly arranges a wide range of music - using current Dorico and Sibelius music-notation software - for solo, chamber, choral, and orchestral scorings, played, performed and recorded globally.

Peter studied the piano with the eminent Bach specialist and global performer, Maurice Cole; and his mentor, the world-renowned piano Professor Alexander Kelly, former head of keyboard at the Royal Academy of Music, London.

Peter also studied the organ at Exeter Cathedral with Paul Morgan; and the flute at Dartington College of Music with Anne Kimber.

Frequent collaborations with other professional classical musicians include coaching from Austrian accompanist, Paul Hamburger; and performances with trumpeter, Crispian Steele-Perkins, and horn-player, Katy Woolley; as well as coaching and performing with numerous opera singers. He often accompanies conferences, lectures, classes, lessons, workshops, masterclasses and concerts given by such highly-respected international conductors as Sir David Willcocks, Sir Neville Marriner, Nigel Perrin, Gavin Carr, and Aidan Oliver.

He sustains a private teaching practice - both online and in-person in Exeter - teaching students of all ages and abilities to learn about, understand, appreciate, enjoy, and love classical music - especially on the piano - and its infinite wonders, joys, powers, and pleasures, experiences and memories.

A perennially-popular choral director, Peter has trained, worked, and performed with a plethora of choirs, raising considerable sums of money from concerts to donate to local charities, most notably and regularly for Exeter-based Devon-wide Hospiscare. 

As an acclaimed accompanist, he is the répétiteur for the Exeter Festival Chorus, and frequently accompanies amateurs and professionals in lessons, exams, recitals and recordings. Numerous concert engagements have taken him across the breadth of Great Britain to a wide a range of venues in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Australia.

Peter regularly organises concerts; and devised, formed and ran two annual music festivals in Devon.

He is often commissioned to write concert-programme notes, scripts, teaching material, lectures, and booklets.



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